Dear…the opportunity never comes twice!

She’s got a new job, new challenge, better carreer, better future…she’s looks happy, exicited, and share all happiness to me and our collague..but in the other side, she looks hesitates about this things..over the last 6 years, she must leave it all, memories, best friend and specially the best boss that she’s ever had…

But, you said you will take this, whatever the risk, you dream this job, so do I..half of my hope in your hand..whatever is your decision, all the best for you, good luck my dear.

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  1. Indeed, opportunity knocks! this will less likely to hit twice :-).
    I remember when confronted by an offer to join the weapons inspection mission to Baghdad, Iraq back in 2003.

    It was a choice between the comfort of living & working in New York, UN Headquarters with all the prestige and being in center of world diplomcy.. or embarking to a new journey, opening new possibilities and more increased allowance from field assignments – plus having to roam around the world.

    I was glad I made the decision, NOT to stay in “Comfort Zone”, all in all, had I decided to stay.. I would not have met you, indeed 😀

    Hugs from West Africa..(and perhaps, I’d be in Darfur Region within these months or elsewhere – globetrotting)

  2. @devari…thanks man 😉

    @fitri mohan…amien 🙂 salam juga mbak.

    @saylow..bukan low! ini undangan nikah saya 😀

    @domba garut…
    somehow another people will choose comfort zone than dangerous zone..salute for your decision kang! you give us experience how to see world in another side.
    moving around africa terus neh ?? ampe kapan neh 😀

    I’ve read ur article in cosmo men..I’ll waiting for another one 🙂

    salam hangat ama si penjual underwear disana, en temen karib si yg ngidupin jenset itu..haduh lupa namanya!!

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